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Massachusetts BBQ and Beans What

This is real barbecue according to New Bedford’s portequese community. This picture is courtesy of http://otrwjam.wordpress.com

In 2010 I traveled for work to Massachusetts. I ended up looking all over carnation for good que. Turns out if you want it, you have to go to a chain restaurant and order whatever seemingly resembles BBQ a’ la’ carte. Most of the area which I visited, (up around New Bedford) was Portuguese community and their version of barbecue, is quite frankly, a shish ka bob grilled to death. I don’t get it. No pulled pork. No pulled beef. What gives?

Oh, I should give credit where credit is due. Boston baked beans are everywhere. It’s a staple. Not just in Boston.

Now what the hell  happened to good que?


Searching Bethel Maine for Good BBQ

bbq in maineMaine. Don’t get me staaaaartttteeeeddd.  If you can brave the Mainers accents and translate what they are saying, you can ask your way around for good barbecue.  The Mainers reply, “What do you want to eat that for? We have red hot dogs up here, deer everything and moose stew.”  Please.

The one BBQ I found on my GPS in Bethel had closed and their website was down. I then went all out of my way only to find (my savior) Smoking Good Barbecue. Problem was I got there on Wednesday, they weren’t open til Thursday. I went back.

What I ate was tastefully pleasing. Original and delicious. Affordable and good portions. They do que well.  When I say they are close to Carolina version, I mean it. However, whose style they imitate, it’s got their own zing. I got the two meat sampler, for $9.99. It comes with 4 sides. Needless to say I was stuffed. I tasted the smoke, the flavor, and have to say it’s great for Maine bbq.