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Urban BBQ in Virginia Hell Yeah

I was doing some web development for a client in DC, then off to the middle of southern Virginia.  Much to my surprise I found myself sitting in a very hip booth at the Urban BBQ company in Ashburn, Virginia. It came up on my Zagat iphone app and I had to see for myself. I was in shock just sitting there. One, the place is brand spankin’ new looking. Two, it’s sort of a chain, but not.

For one, I’m a critic when it comes to the chain restaurants that do barbecue like Famous Dave’s. The shit you are getting inside Famous Dave’s is not the same shit that Dave himself would cook you. It just isn’t. It’s commercially produced SLOP.

I have to give credit where credit is due. Urban BBQ has it together.  I got the ribs, sides and I was fat and happy. Ribs don’t taste commercially produced and I think they are wood smoked—deliciously melted in my mouth but I didn’t have to tug too hard.

Sides are smokin’ and they had a few locations when I went.  Look for these guys to open more. A must have!